Slow Cooker Black Beans and Brown Rice Salad

We finally purchased a slow cooker. My girl and I decided to go with the household name brand Crock Pot after doing lots of research. I also elected to forgo the fancy electric setting type that allows you to set start and stop times. For us the old manual off, low, high, warm settings are prefect, and we do not have to worry about the Crock Pot if the electricity blinks out for a few seconds or minutes.

For our first meal using the Crock Pot, I made a simple Black Bean and Rice dish. I made it while we were sleeping, then threw it into a glass container with a lid along with a little dollop of vegan cheese sauce.

Black Beans and Rice

At work when lunch time came around I made a bed of Romaine lettuce and spooned the reheated Black Beans and Rice on top. Delicious!
Black Beans and Rice Salad
Crock Pot Black Beans, Corn and Brown Basmati Rice
Recipe adapted from Elise of Hungry Hungry Hippie
1 14 oz can black bean soup
1 1/2 cups low sodium vegetable stock
1 cup organic brown Basmati rice
1 cup frozen corn or 1/2 a can of corn, drained
Vegan Cheese Sauce (I used this recipe from Hidden Fruits and Veggies, though I did not add the liquid smoke)
Romaine Lettuce
Elise suggests spraying the crock with oil, I forgot to do this, I did have some sticking so next time I will spray! So yes, spray or wipe olive oil on bottom and sides of crock. Then add all of the ingredients, give it a quick stir, try not to touch the sides or bottom so you don’t disturb the oil.
I set the Crock Pot on High and let it cook for 3 1/2 to 4 hours…I forgot to time it and cannot remember when I turned it on…I will update this when I make this again, and I will be making it again because it is sooo good!
Now you can take the finished Black Beans, Corn and Brown Rice and make tacos like Elise did, or you can make a “taco” salad like I did, or come up with your own way! The sky is the limit.


    • inthecathouse

      Thank you for doing all the leg work on this cheese sauce. It has been a big help in my going without cheese “cold turkey”. The rice and beans are also great with avocado wrapped in a corn or whole wheat tortilla!

    • inthecathouse

      Thanks! The cheese sauce is great. You should give it a try! The recipe is very forgiving, I add more or less nutritional yeast and spices depending on the flavor I’m looking for. I used to be “compelled” to the fridge to eat a slice of pepper jack. This recipe helps satisfy this craving.

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