Cashew Cream and Cashew Cream Cheese

In my kitchen there is a distinct difference between Cashew Cream and Cashew Cream Cheese.

Cashew Cream is the equivalence of Heavy Cream in hot recipes. I use it to make creamy Alfredo and my favorite Pink Sauce, add a creamy texture to soup and gravy. I also use it when making my “sausage” gravy for one of my favorite breakfast of Biscuits and Gravy.

Cashew Cream Cheese is used in place of cream cheese in quite a few recipes including frosting and cheese cake (which I have yet to try). Most commonly I use it in place of ricotta cheese in Lasagna and Baked Ziti.

There are about a bazillion recipes for both types of Cashew Cream out there. Here are mine!

Cashew Cream
(makes nearly 1 quart)

1 cup raw cashews
2 1/2 cups filtered water

Soak the cashews over night in enough filtered water to cover them. Drain and rinse well, then add to a high powered blender or food processor with 2 1/2 cups filtered water and blend until smooth. I use a blender on  medium high or 10 out of 14 on my Oster 14 speed blender for about 5 minutes, then speed up to 14 for a few seconds and call it done. No need to strain. I store my Cashew Cream in an air tight glass bottle in the fridge. I typically make it for a recipe, but I have been known to keep it in the fridge for 4 days without a problem.

Cashew Cream Cheese

1 cup raw cashews
1/4 cup filtered water (or vegetable stock if using in savory dish)
2 teaspoons lemon juice
Optional 1 Tablespoon Nutritional Yeast Flakes (recommended for savory uses)

Soak cashews for a minimum of 4 hours in enough filtered water to cover. Drain and rinse well, then place in food processor, I use a Cuisinart 11 cup, with 1/4 cup filtered water or veggie stock and lemon juice. If using in savory dish like lasagna you can also add a tablespoon of nutritional yeast for extra nuttiness. Pulse until nuts become a creamy paste like consistency.

This is great in lasagna and fantastic on toast! You can also add all types of things from red pepper flakes to chives to make it a yummy cracker snack!



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