Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes 2 ways


Yum. So, truth time. I have been making these vegan chocolate cupcakes for years. Long before I gave up the dairy and eggs. These lovely, unbelievably, chocolaty, fluffy gems have been at many a birthday party in both cupcake and tiered cake forms. And? No one ever guesses the cake is vegan. Never! If I tell people they think I’m lying. Me? I never lie about cake.

I have Joy the Baker to thank for these cupcakes. She posted about them over 3 years ago. The recipe comes from an awesome cookbook by Sarah Magid called Organic and Chic. I want this cookbook, so badly, it’s on my wishlist. Without Joy the Baker taking the time to blog about the recipe I would not have found it all those years ago. So, instead of putting the recipe here I want you to go to Joy the Baker’s post. Joy’s site is awesome and you should look around and get as addicted to her writing and baking as I am! But wait!!

Please come back and try one of my two vegan chocolate topping ideas. I made a quick Vegan Chocolate Not-Ganache and a fluffy Vegan Chocolate Frosting. For the recipes follow the links.

Behold Dark Rich Chocolate Cupcakes that happen to be Vegan and are also not too sweet (which is a plus in my opinion).



You may notice that there is something strange going on with the cupcakes. They are two different sizes. The first picture shows a standard cupcake or muffin tin’s creation. The second picture shows Ikea’s DRÖMMAR muffin tin’s creation. I am totally in love with the taller, skinnier cupcake that the DRÖMMAR makes.

I topped the standard cupcakes with Vegan Chocolate Not-Ganache.


I slathered the Ikea DRÖMMAR muffin pan cupcakes with the fluffy vegan chocolate frosting.


This next picture shows how I eat the taller cupcakes Ikea’s DRÖMMAR Muffin Pan creates. I love this pan, but be aware not all cake recipes will “like” the skinnier profile. The first time I used the pan the cupcakes ended up smaller than 1 inch in diameter and cooked too fast. This pan is awesome, and makes the cutest little cupcakes, but it has a learning curve!



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