Juicing is sticky!

Truly, it is. Mendal and I bought a Breville juicer after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead a few times. We love it. We love the juice. We are not in love with the sticky floors we now have in the dinning room. . .but hey, that’s what our steam mop is for!

Getting started not only required us to purchase the juicer, but also a lot of fresh produce. Sadly, as vegetarians, we hardly ever bought fresh vegetables, with the exception of potatoes that I would turn into mashed potatoes full of butter and cream; and “baby” carrots that Mendal would eat drenched in Ranch dressing. We did buy apples and oranges in the past, but not nearly as frequently as we should have.

These pictures show our first haul. Note the pint sized wide mouth Ball jars, these are what we “package” our juices in so we can take them to work.



In the next picture you will notice we put a grocery bag in the pulp catcher. This is a great idea when you plan to compost or throw away the pulp, but when I plan to use the pulp in cooking/baking I let it go into the clean pulp catcher.


We have tried a few juice recipes. We have found that making up our own works best. I say mix veggies and fruits you like, play around with flavors. Or go with colors! Try creating a “pretty” juice and see what it tastes like, hopefully it wont be nasty!

Currently Mendal and I try to do a Kale based green juice in the mornings. Then we make two more juices to take to work. Neither of us like Kale in juice, so we do a concentrated shot, by juicing a bunch of Kale followed by only a handful of green or red seedless grapes, then we drink it as fast as we can. We do like Romaine and love Spinach in our juices, so we like to throw them into fruit juices. We burned out on Celery pretty fast, it has a distinctive flavor and aftertaste, it is not bad, quite pleasant really, but something you can grow tired of. I have plans to add it back to our regular line up. As far as other popular juicing green vegetables go, neither of us like Cucumbers, in any form. So juicing it was scary. I was brave or crazy enough to try it, just to see what it was like, and couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth all day, they have a very strong flavor even mixed with lots of fruit juices.

There are still a ton of fruits and veggies we would like to try. I plan to pick up some Fennel soon and see what happens there. The picture below shows the two juices I brought to work the other day. The nearly finished lime green juice is made from Pineapple, Orange, and Spinach; there is no flavor of spinach in this, it’s like a tropical party in your mouth! The orange colored juice in the background is Apple and Carrot, we have found that 6 small Gala Apples and 12 Carrots make a great flavored juice and just over 2 pints of juice.


I will leave you with this glistening picture. Gotta love cold condensation on glass. I will be posting more Juice Recipes soon!


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