Spring 2013

The story of my beautiful Spring flowers actually starts in the summer of 2012, when my friend Philip and I built a huge raised flower bed. It is 13 feet long and 3 feet wide. made from two 2″ x 12″ x 16′ pine boards from Home Depot. I used directions from the fabulous Ree aka the Pioneer Woman for the raised bed, except I used one 12 inch wide board instead of two 6 inch wide boards, because I wanted a smooth panel and it was cheaper! We also made a smaller vegetable box measuring 5 feet long and 3 feet wide. I had the boards cut at Home Depot for free then loaded them into my truck. I had Philip paint the boards for the flower box, and kept the vegetable box boards “naked” since they would be surrounding food.

Last summer I planted a number of perennial and annual flowers and happily awaited the fall, when I planted quite a few daffodil and tulip bulbs. Since we live in North Carolina the most of the flowers never died back. Early this spring the bulbs started growing surprising Mendal, because I never told her that I bought or planted them last September. Now we have this awesomeness to great us everyday.

Spring 13 1

Note the bush towards the right side of the box? I fight it every year, cutting it back to a few feet high and it always wins, ending up around 5 feet tall even with weekly cut backs (it towered over me when moved in, actually taller than the porch roof line)…if anyone has a way to kill a plant that is surrounded by other plants you want to keep alive please let me know! Also please ignore the random litter in our yard, it was garbage day when I took this picture. There always seems to be random pieces of our neighbors garbage that escapes into our yard or drive way! For anyone wondering what perennials I have in this box, I will have a Flower plant list post coming soon.

Now for some close ups!

Spring 13 2

Spring 13 3



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