Vegan French Toast?

Vegan French Toast 3

Yes please! I Love me some french toast. I am serious about it though, it can’t be too eggy or too soggy or two squishy. Last year I found the perfect recipe, it was for baked french toast. The traditional stuff, you know with butter, eggs, milk and white bread. I made it for Christmas breakfast and it was a huge hit!

Fast forward 8 months or so and you find us going Vegan. So, now I’m on the hunt for a vegan french toast recipe. One that doesn’t use any of those ingredients, but still satisfies my love of good french toast. It seems impossible, but the first recipe I found was fantastic, I loved how it tasted and how easy it was to make, but it wasn’t exactly how I like my french toast. But then it was made with homemade whole wheat bread so it was destined to be dense!

I used a recipe by Of Course, Vegan. It uses bananas instead of eggs and was very easy to make. Everything cooked up well and tasted great! So you should go to Of Course, Vegan. and make this now, for Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner, or even a Snack! I plan to make some white whole wheat bread next time I make this recipe, hopefully it will get the texture closer to the yum factor of that baked french toast from Christmas.

You might have noticed that my french toast is circular! That is because the bread I used is in muffin form. I have been making a fantastic, easy no knead whole wheat sandwich bread. One day I thought, if I made the recipe in my large muffin tins I might be able to use the recipe as a bun for some portabella mushroom caps. The bread baked well, but they were too tall and dense to be buns. I used them anyway, but I ended up with a few left over, so I cut them into rounds dunked them into the banana batter and fried them up!

Vegan French Toast

They fried up really well, though I did have the heat too high so I burned a few. But that works for me because I like things a little charred (waffles and pancakes included).

Vegan French Toast 2

I shared them with Mendal and she liked them too, she’s not really into sweet sticky breakfasts. Or at least that’s what she has told me for the last 5+ years, but every time I make waffles, pancakes and french toast she eats them! Now I really want to go make this again, and I just happen to have 2 bananas in need of a good recipe. 😉


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