Spring Pinterest Challenge: Kitchen Food Storage

Welcome to Spring Pinterest Challenge 2013, brought to you by Sherry of Young House Love and Katie of Bower Power and co-hosted by Emily of Sparkle Meets Pop and Renee of Red Bird Blue!

Like most other foodies I have a lot of “stuff” in my kitchen. Of course, since, going vegan and whole foods plant based that “stuff” is a bit different. I now have large quantities of Organic Brown Rice, Organic 100% Whole Grain Pasta, Organic Quinoa, and Steel Cut Oats. I also recently purchased some Black Rice. Nearly all of these things were purchased at Costco. Great deals on Great foods. Now The problem is what to do with all these things. They all come in bags. I wanted a more sturdy and easily organize-able storage system, than a bunch of floppy bags with not fantastic zip lock closures (or no way to reseal at all).

So I hit up Pinterest. And found some great ideas using glass jars as storage. Ball jars or recycled Pickle and Pasta sauce jars. Loved it! So I started collecting those giant pickle jars from work a while ago, we go through one in about 2 to 3 weeks.

This was my favorite pin:

Chalk Board Paint: Clever and Creative Uses

I love the simplicity of these jars, with the black lids and the chalk labels. Sadly, the pin doesn’t take you to the actual post on Mom Prepares blog and I wasn’t able to find it.

This pin:

Zero Waste Blog By Bea Johnson is a truly interesting, inspiring, slighlty extreme (okay, very extreme) approach to minimalist lifestyle...but so beautiful, I find myself captivated by the measures taken by this family.

Is my dream pantry. All organized. Food all in glass containers.

This pin links to Zero Waste Home a blog by Bea Johnson about her family going zero waste. The slogan Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, & Rot and only in that order, is so inspirational!

I wish there was more information about what is in those jars and where she bought the jars. But I can use my imagination!

I’m currently about 60% of the way to this picture. Already using Ball jars to store a lot of dry goods like nuts and baking soda. However, my pantry looks nothing like this!

Maybe this will be my summer pinterest challenge!

Once I had the jars it took a while to get rid of the pickle smell. Soaking the jars in lemon juice and white vinegar helped, then leaving open for a few days helped too. The lids were a different story, I tried both and ended up making a paste of baking soda, which did a good job, not perfect, but better.

So, then came the label making and lid decorating. I had Mendal get on that! Because she is crafty and I wanted her to have some input on some decor in our kitchen. Since the weather has been rainy and cold we opted for fun Duck brand duct Tape to cover the lids. She then typed up the cooking directions and what the product is using Word and fun fonts she down loaded from 1001 Free Fonts. I am not sure which fonts she ended up using, but I can find out if anyone is interested.

So, we have 3 of the 4 jars done!

In the cathouse pickle jars food storage

Our kitchen colors are white, black and apple green. But I loved this mod floral tape so much I asked Mendal to use it. I may decide to redo the lids in all the same Duck Tape down the road, possibly the green, black and white zigzag like pattern? The one we didn’t get finished today will have black and white Hounds-tooth patterned tape on the lid and of course Organic Quinoa on the label!

2013-05-08 22.13.07

You may also be able to see that the sell by stamp is still on the glass. Mendal has some ideas on how to get them off, just need to try them!

So, there you have my response the Sherry and Katie’s Spring Pinterest Challenge! This isn’t the first time I have participated, but this is the first time I had a blog to showcase what I made!

To see more Pinterest Challenge projects from many other bloggers go check out EmilyKatieSherry, and Renee’s blogs!



    • inthecathouse

      Thank you! I am excited and honored to be nominated for the Liebster award. I definitely fit the new blog category! I will have to spend some time after work to look into what to do next. I saw on your blog you had to answer 11 questions, did someone give them to you or did you make them up?

      • TheGreatZambini

        I answered the eleven questions my nominator gave to me, and you get to answer the eleven questions listed under the nominees list (so scroll down some more I guess on the post!) Then you get to make up 11 questions for the people you nominated. I`ve never seen it before, but it would make sense to answer the eleven questions I gave you, then if you feel like it give the exact same questions to the people you nominated. Why not? Hope that wasn`t dreadfully confusing!

    • inthecathouse

      Hi I have one last question. How exactly do I nominate the 11 other bloggers? Is there a site I enter there url in or is it simply writing a post like I have done?

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