Prioritizing Blogging

I am aware that every single blogger out there, even those that blog for a living, have to find the time to actually create, write, photograph and post a post. Most successfully do this at least once a day, some even twice! I do not even have the convenient excuse of having a child. I do have 5 cats, an out of commission Mendal (her back has been out for a few days now), and an awesome sister, Miranda, who is back with us for the summer. These things have all added up to me not taking the time to write up things I have made/done. I have been photographing somethings. Then yesterday I made an amazing tofu scramble with onions and red peppers and wrapped it all up in a fancy stone ground whole wheat wrap from Whole Foods and did NOT photograph any part of that adventure. Afterwards I wanted to kick myself!

This post is going to serve as a To Blog List. To keep me posting when:

1. all I want to do is hang out with my baby sis, because I miss her terribly when she’s away at school (she just finished her Junior year).

2. all the housework overwhelms me without the help of my freaking amazing Mendal who is more frustrated than I am about her inability to move.

3. all the kittens demand I clean their litter boxes,  feed them, pick up random hairballs, and wash multiple loads of clothes because one of our furry babies has decided to start peeing on the bath mat and that one time in a basket of dirty laundry (we have a few theories as to why, after 12 years, she has decided to do this, a vet visit is on the books this week).

On to the To Blog List!

1. Veganized Thanksgiving side dishes, yes out of season but Corn Casserole (or corn pudding to some) and Green Bean Casserole are two of Mendal’s all time favorite dishes, they are her ultimate comfort foods and she needed them this past week.

2. Review some Whole Grain Vegan Hamburger Buns, very tasty and easy to make!

3. Sweet Potato Burgers were made and eaten and awesome!

4. The Cat’s of In the CatHouse, this post will be written, I have started working on individuals Meet the Cats posts, but cant decide if I should do a short introductory post of all of them first. . .

5. Home decor post ideas, Dining room makeover have this started, not loving any of my pictures. Also Living room curtain changes, just need to actually photograph before and after, which of course means actually creating the after!

6. Some pretty sparkly jewelry I have made recently needs to make an appearance here as well!

I think 6 (or so) is a good starting point. Hopefully I will return tonight or tomorrow morning with an actual post about one of these riveting subjects!


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