Meet the Cats of The CatHouse!

Mendal and I love kittens, and by kittens I mean all ages of the feline! We just seem to always call our cats kittens. Even when they are 15 years old, they are our babies. There are currently 5 kittens living in the CatHouse. Below I have listed them from youngest to oldest with their pictures:

Lincoln, our newest baby is just barely 1 years old and is a Giant! I Love that striped tail!


Lincoln Tail

Gertrude Holiday “Gertie” is our tiny baby kitten, she’s actually 5 years old but so small!

Gertie 3


Eve is the queen bee. . .or so she thinks this ball of grey fur so bad her middle name is Elle. She is around 9 years old.

Linked Chain Necklace Eve

Lilith is the bossiest 12 year old kitten ever, very demanding for love and food and attention!


Edwin our crotchety old man is 14 years old, he is a lover and loves Spiderman almost as much as his mommy Mendal!


I will post more detailed posts about each of our cats in the future, they are all special, individuals with their own interesting stories.

I also will be posting about our beloved fluffy, orange boy Gus, who passed away on December 31st, 2012.

meep in a box

He is missed every day. Just look into his sweet Puss in Boots eyes!


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