Five Things Fridays

Happy Friday! I am starting a new thing to help me post more regularly. I know other bloggers do 5 thing Fridays, and I just realized it’s a genius way to generate a post when struck by writer’s block or overwhelmed with a back log of items to post.

Today’s Five Things are Five New Recipes I love!

1. Vegan Hot Dogs I followed this recipe to a T from Julie of

2. Vegan Brownies I halved this recipe from Chinmayie of

3. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies I tweaked this recipe from Kathy of

4. Vegan and Refined Sugar Free Blueberry Handpies I made up this recipe to be posted soon!

5. Vegan Chickenpea Salad Sandwiches I came up with this recipe also to be posted soon!

So these five things were all created to take on our annual family beach vacation. The family includes me, Mendal, Miranda (my sister mentioned somewhere on here before), and her boyfriend Patrick. Unfortunately, we can’t bring our kittens along, so the cats will rule the house for the next few days!

Let me start out by saying all five things are very good, delicious and made of awesomeness. But, for me, the Hot Dogs are the winners here. I think the Brownies won out according to Mendal and Miranda. And I’m not sure about Patrick’s vote since he hasn’t tried anything yet.

So I encourage you all to visit the blogs above, they are all beautifully created with equally beautiful and delicious food. And I hope you will come back next week for the Blueberry Handpies and Chickpea Salad Sandwich recipes!

Author’s Note: I actually did post this at 11:59pm on Friday the 26th…but for some reason wordpress things I’m in a different time zone where it is 3:59am on the 27th. . .If anyone knows how to change a time zone issue with wordpress I would greatly appreciate the tip!




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