Five Things Friday

Okay! So Clearly this themed post thing is working to help me post. I have three draft posts waiting to be finished/edited/photos. I also have some posts I want to write but I forgot to take pictures of the food or project and now feel like the post would be pointless…in some cases it’s an excuse to remake them!

Well now, on to this weeks Five Things! Since I went on a mini vacation over the weekend, the 5 things are beach/vacation related. This is going to be a simple list of things I experienced this week, more like a journal entry to help me remember our 2013 beach visit.

1. Dolphins. I saw two of them barely 10 yards from the beach. One much smaller, I watched the mother and calf swim in the shallows near the beach while two others stayed farther out. It was beautiful and serine.

2. Sand. How can I love the feel of it between my toes so much, but hate the feel of it anywhere else! Also how do you get that pretty, lovely, sand out of the carpet in our new car!

3. Antique Malls. I love antiquing, but I wasn’t really impressed with the 2 antique shops and 2 antique malls we visited at our beach destination. Most of the booths and both shops had new items and handcrafted beach themed items. While I have no problem with this stuff, I don’t understand why it is in an antique shop…it seems better suited to a gift shop or farmers market. I was still able to find another wine glass for my set and a few vintage earrings for my collection.

4. Continental Breakfast. I am not one to complain about the lack of vegan cuisine at restaurant or even vegan establishments, but I truly wish that hotels would add more vegan items to their breakfast. Our options were fruit, regular oatmeal, peanut butter, jelly, dry cereal (don’t know what its fortified with), and if were willing to risk it the white hard bagels that are most likely egg and dairy free. Since my sister Miranda and I are attempting to go refined sugar free for a month, we would have been left with only plain oatmeal and fruit…now I know there are millions of hungry people in the world, I should not complain about my lack of options when there is perfectly edible food to be had…but I just can’t help but to feel left out during breakfast at hotels. Which is why this time we packed whole wheat bagels and Trader Joe’s This is Not a Tub of Cream Cheese vegan spread along with fresh kiwis and Trader Joe’s almond milk cartons and a few coconut and almond milk yogurts from Wholefoods. We were “the vegans in the room” at breakfast, making others look on with curiosity as we toasted our delicious bagels and cut up our bright green kiwi and poured our almondy creamy milk. So, yes, I wish hotels offered more non-animal product breakfast items, but by packing food myself, I ended up having a great time at breakfast. I felt satisfied and like I was setting an example or planting a seed simply by  being in the room and eating my vegan foods. It is the first time since going vegan that I didn’t complain or feel annoyed or negative at breakfast in a hotel (I stay at a hotel at least once a month), instead we had a very positive and enjoyable meal.  I had a very Colleen Patrick-Goudreau moment.

5. Nissan Cube. I love our new car. Last December Mendal and I bought a certified pre-owned 2011 Nissan Cube at a local Nissan dealership and we are in love with it! We have always had to rent cars for long trips because our other car is a small Hyundai Accent, Pugsley, without cruise. Now we have a spacious Cube, tons of room on the inside and cute little package on the outside. The day after we bought the Cube we drove all the way to Springfield, IL to see Mendal’s Mom. It was over a 16 hour drive due to stops for food and rest stops. We every hour depended our love for our little Cube and in the months since it has only grown. Now that we have taken her on our first family beach vacation she is truly part of the family. Some how though, she still doesn’t have a name. Pugsley was named when the Accent flipped over to 100,000 miles. We don’t want to wait that long for the Cube…she needs a name ASAP. Despite remaining nameless she made our 5+ hour road trip to the beach very nice, even with all over our clothes, beach chairs, giant beach umbrellas, and coolers of food. The four of us were comfortable and safe thanks to our Nissan Cube (and Mendal’s driving)!

So there you have it, five things from our 2013 family vacation! I had a great time with Mendal (my awesomely, loving and understanding partner), Miranda (my sweet and fun sister, I love seeing the beach/ocean through your eyes), and Patrick (Miranda’s adorable boyfriend who makes every outing that much more interesting and fun). This was our second summer vacation including Patrick and he has been a perfect addition to our family! 🙂

Note to anyone confused by the posting date. I am writing this at 10:30pm on Friday August 2nd. I truly need to start posting in the mornings, but as a hazzard of working 3rd shift this IS my morning as I wake up at 10pm on work days. For some reason my wordpress account has me in a different time zone and I don’t know how to fix it…any direction would be fantastic!


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