Finally! I had planned to do this Snickerdoodle Cookie post weeks ago. I had a bit of a memory issue with my labtop, her memory was so full she couldn’t show the pictures I had saved! With the little help of an external hard drive I’m back and ready to post!


I found this Snickerdoodle recipe search Pinterest for vegan cookies. I found my self on Vibrant Wanderings blog, looking at a simple recipe. This recipe is so quick to put together and seems to bake up perfectly every time…even with a temperature challenged oven like mine! Recently my oven was set on 200 degrees F, but my two oven thermometers showed 350 degrees F in the front and 400 degrees F in the back. Typically it is only 50 degrees too hot so this was shocking! I was trying to make granola at the time, so I was very upset that the temp had spiked so high. But I digress, back to these cookies!

Snickerdoodles 5


Snickerdoodles 4


Before I knew what happened I had the first pan of cinnamon and sugar covered cook dough balls were in the oven.

Snickerdoodles 3

These cookies are so delicious. They are now one of Mendal’s favorite things I make. She told me that if I kept making them, she would have to keep me around. So I happily made 3 batches in 10 days! 🙂

Snickerdoodles 6

The only thing I changed from Melissa’s recipe is that I used White Whole Wheat flour instead of regular Whole Wheat, this allowed the flavor of the cinnamon to be the star of the cookie!

You guys should most definitely go visit Vibrant Wanderings and make these Snickerdoodles!


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