We Are Alive!

No excuses this time, just the typical line that everyone’s heard before, we have been busy. Good news, Miranda and I are still vegan having just celebrated 1 year anniversaries a few months apart in March and May. Mendal is still vegetarian (like she has been for the last 23 years), she has made big strides in consuming less dairy, now only eating it primarily from candy bars and at Mexican and Italian restaurants, because we keep a vegan home. Happily, she has experienced horrible belly pains after eating dairy ice cream a few times and now only eats vegan ice creams! She has not yet watch any of the vegan documentaries or read any of the books I have laying around. Needless to say her path to awakening is going to be slow, and at her own pace (as it should be), something that has been a great lesson in patience for me. The most important thing is that Mendal goes vegan for herself and the animals, not because I want her to or because she feels pressured to.

Quick update on the happenings In The CatHouse!

We found our dream house in October and closed on December 20th. There was some work to be done before we could live there, so we didn’t finish moving in until February 1st. We are sadly still unpacking. Why have things taken so long, you ask?

We bought and built an IKEA kitchen! A total dream come true…and a bit of a nightmare truth be told, but more on that in a series of kitchen posts coming up.

So after all that excitement Mendal and I decided to add getting married to the craziness which we slotted in on March 17th!

The latest awesomely fun and life changing things to happen at the cat house is my sister Miranda graduated from college and moving back into the cat house. And we have extended our volunteering with AARF (a local animal rescue)  to fostering a mama cat and her four kittens…something I have wanted to do since adopting a cat from AARF 6 years ago. These foster babies mean the cat house is now home to a nice even number of 10 cats!

With all the crazy and mundane things going on, I hope to get back to regular posts here to document our progress in making this house of ours a home. Of course there will also be a scattering of awesome vegan food posts and a few review posts for both home projects and recipes we make from other blogs. There will also be an increase in cat posts featuring our babies and the foster kittens, be warned we call them calendar kittens for a reason!

I have dreams of perfect pictures, but Tracy from shutterbean.com I am not! I have a point and shoot canon and my loverly Samsung cell…which I favor due to ease of use…none the less I will be attempting to up the caliber of photos along with a more dedicated posting schedule.

I would like to create a post schedule following something like this:

Monday: sweet something’s, featuring a sweet food recipe and something I love or am thankful for.

Tuesday: tough luck, featuring a project or recipe that didn’t go as planned but ended up awesome or close to it.

Wednesday: whiskers galore, featuring kitten posts pictures and foster updates and a link to Aarf and petfinder

Thursday: homemaking, featuring posts of decor, craft projects, gardening, and house tour pic posts

Friday: five things, featuring 5 things we have completed or love that we did or saw that week.

I hope you Stay Tuned there are lots of things to catch up on!


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