Kitchen Reno, The Preface:

I love cooking in my new kitchen! Designing and building an Ikea kitchen has been an interesting and rewarding journey. When Mendal and I bought a house in December of 2013, I was looking for a house that needed a kitchen remodel and two bathrooms. While Mendal was looking for a house with hammock trees, enough rooms for us to have separate craftrooms, space for a workshop and two bathrooms. Clearly we had slightly different goals, but we both lucked out…sort of…

 The kitchen was perfect, 14’x16’ room with only one row of horrible cabinets and a vinyl floor countertop (with lovely burned, melted holes all over). There was also a 8’x9’ breakfast room off the kitchen, hello Butler’s Pantry! In case you guys are wondering we have an awesome 14’x15’ dining room off the other side of the kitchen where all the eating will be done, when we aren’t sitting in front of the TV watching How I Met Your Mother.

It must also be stated, that all of these rooms are properly closed off to each other, I detest “eat in kitchens”. I believe there should always be a separation between the kitchen and diningroom. Mostly, because I like the idea of different decor in each room…or because I don’t always feel like cleaning as I cook and like to enjoy my dinner, without staring at the crazy pile of dishes and food splatters all over the kitchen. So yay! I have a pretty big kitchen with a giant (in my book) pantry possibility.

 Sadly, Mendal’s hammock trees are in an area covered in poison ivy, and her workshop is in a cellar/basement without direct outside access (stairs leading down are in the laundry room), and my sister, Miranda, moved back in after graduating from university, so Mendal and I have to share a craftroom! Poor Mendal… 🙂

So, in the house buying game I totally won. Not that Mendal doesn’t love the house just as much as I do. As a bonus there is enough space in the backyard, at the end of the driveway, to build a 2 car garage with workshop in the future! We are working on the poison ivy situation. And I would be perfectly happy if Miranda stayed in my craftroom/the guestroom FOREVER! …or you know, until she is financially able to strike out on her own and be all independent and stuff.

 Oh yeah, that last thing, the only quality we were both looking for in our beloved home? Those two bathrooms…didn’t happen! There is ONE Bathroom, and it’s quite small…I have had many dreams on how to remedy this, almost all of which are way out of our budget. :/ Gotta love the sacrifices we make for Location, Room Size, Kitchen Space, Acreage, Distance from Work…but only ONE Bathroom, with 3 Women! Craziness. Hey! At least I have my dream kitchen! 😀

 Up next some kitchen reno pics! Along with some words about demoing, electrical outlets, surprise flooring, Ikea, cabinet building, circular saws, and butcher block countertops.

 I leave you with adorableness:

Stay Tuned!


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