My name is Deese, I am the writer of this blog, but some of the posts showcase “things” my girlfriend Mendal does or makes. I hope to one day have her write as well! The title “In the Cathouse” came to me because our cats totally rule our house, and everything here will be about the happenings in said house. This blog started as a creative outlet to showcase our change from a vegetarian lifestyle to a plant based, clean eating, and ultimately vegan lifestyle.

A little background on this change: Mendal has been a vegetarian for 20+ years, I have been a vegetarian June 2008. Since I went vegetarian I have gained about 40 lbs, this is not good, especially considering I was already overweight. We were eating an American “lazy” vegetarian diet. It centered around lots of pasta (not whole wheat) and CHEESE, lots and lots of cheese. Neither of us like milk so we have been using Almond milk for the past few years (3 maybe?). However, I am a novice home baker, I have made wedding cakes and birthday cakes as well as scores of cookies and cupcakes. As a by product, I have used lots of heavy cream in different recipes and pounds of butter; I think, at one point I could go through 4 lbs of butter in less than a month.

After watching the documentaries Forks Over KnivesFat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change, and simply being tired of being tired, things are changing in our home. We are now eating way more vegetables and only whole grains. I have stopped eating all dairy, while Mendal is still holding on to cheese on her pizza. I still plan to bake, though far less frequently and I will be using less refined sugars and more  whole grain flours. The only animal based products in our house are honey (animal by product really) and the food we feed our kittens (which is at least a few posts in and of its self!).

It is my hope that eating a plant based and whole foods diet will help me and Mendal loose weight. I have already seen results that are fantastic and hope to see more. We would both like to loose around 100 lbs! We are realists and have also added exercise to our daily routine. We have a recumbent bike in front of the TV and I have access to a treadmill and elliptical at work. I hope this blog will keep me focused and energized!

Other topics we will cover here, at In the Cathouse, are cats, crafts, and decor! We have 5 cats that are the sweetest little furry creatures ever. They will each make appearances as I showcase their diet, their favorite pastimes and toys! The crafts will come in the form of the jewelry I make and the awesome crocheted and duct tape items Mendal makes. The decor will be posts devoted to making our early 1900’s rented house a home. There will also be posts showcasing fun things we did because of Pinterest. We both have a pension for Pinning so we have boards of things to do that I can write about!


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