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Sweet Something: Veganomicon Style

Lately I have been on an Isa Chandra Moskowitz kick. I have made her pumpkin cake with pecan praline topping, vanilla pound cake, coconut lemon bundt cake, jelly doughnut cupcakes and have loved every one of them! Especially the pumpkin cake…sooooo good! I totally want to overload on exclamation points right now, but I won’t because that can be confused with screaming and anger, and this is a happy thing, like for serious happy tastes, happy textures, happy recipes, its all happy.

Moving on! Here are some truly “amazing” pics of these goodies.

Pumpkin Cake, taken to a baby gender reveal pumpkin themed party it was amazing, wouldn’t change a thing! Really classy stuff here:


Jelly Filled Doughnut Cupcakes, I used my “new” mixmaster. My poor Kitchenaid is trying to dying, it needs a new gear thingy.
Mixmaster chromed up!


These cupcakes were so yummy, I loved the hint of nutmeg. I used blueberry jam because I was out of raspberry jam. While the 2 I saved were tasty I want to try raspberry next time! I didn’t get a lot of pictures of these lovelies. My attempt at cooling them safely under a food tent meant to keep out flies, failed to keep out one of our kittens: Bruce. See the lovely smashed cupcakes? See the adorable little holes in the tent? I am now looking for a rigid plastic or metal cage thingy. For the sweets not the cats! 🙂 These cupcake doughnuts were perfectly raised, all the jam was inside or at the bottom, I hate that they mostly ended up in the compost. 😦Cat Attack Cupcakes

Coconut Lemon Bundt Cake, this beauty was a hit at my workplace! Everyone who tried it loved it! Some people were AFRAID to try it because they know I’m vegan. Then there were those who either didn’t like lemon or coconut, but the cake was still eaten up in 2 days, the only thing I would change about this cake is the amount of shredded coconut, I would half it next time purely on personal taste. I thought it made the cake chewy. Again, I’m sorry for the pics, I truly do plan to work on getting better with a camera and lighting!IMG_20141001_224514818This is my attempt at being artistic:


It’s all very orangey, but in all fairness the cake did match my counter-top. Next time I will use an opaque cake plate, maybe that will help, also was trying to get the title of the recipe in the picture but managed to chop that off to…but still not nearly as bad as the other pics in my opinion!

So Yay Isa! Love her to pieces. I will be making many more awesome things from this amazing book soon!

I leave you with this cuteness…Peter all snugly wugly!



Curried Pumpkin Soup

I have recently started experimenting with curry, yellow curry to be exact. With a medium “heat” if it can be called hot at all. It is the most common curry sold at grocery stores. I have also started making homemade almond milk and cashew cream.

While searching for a recipe to combine curry and cashew cream with the help of foodblogsearch.com I found Joy the Baker’s Curried Pumpkin Soup.
Since I followed Joy’s recipe exactly I won’t repost it here, so please follow the link above to her awesome blog!

Here is the soup I made following Joy the Baker’s fantastic recipe:
 curried pumpkin soup

The soup is absolutely delicious and the perfect comfort food for a chilly Fall, Winter, or even Spring night. Joy used fresh pumpkins that she roasted in her oven, but since I made this in the Spring I opted for canned pumpkin. Be sure to buy only canned pumpkin and not pumpkin pie, you do not want the extra spices! This soup is also great served chilled!